5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile App

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Mobile internet use is soaring, with more than half of all internet access around the world being from mobile devices. Today we are constantly connected to our social networks, businesses and the wider world through a device in our pockets. Studies have revealed that we spend up to 3 hours each day on our mobile devices, and almost 90% of that time is devoted to looking at phone apps. Use of smartphone and tablet devices has revolutionized the marketplace and changed the approach to marketing and business. But is your business making the most of your mobile opportunities? If you don’t have a mobile app, your business may be missing out. Here we look at 5 essential reasons your business should invest in mobile application development.

  1. Easy Mobile Access For Your Customers

More than 50% of internet users access the internet through their mobile devices, so having a mobile app that provides quick access to your company’s online facilities or ecommerce platform helps to encourage customers to use your products and services. With just a few taps your customers can be online in your store or website from anywhere with an internet connection, making your business more accessible and attractive.

  1. Create Offline Capabilities

While many of us spend our mobile usage time connected to the internet, there are occasions where internet connectivity is not possible. This supports another advantage of innovative mobile app design; it can allow storage of some information for offline access so that your customers can access your app whenever they need it.

  1. Establish a Direct Channel for Marketing

Mobile applications allow you to reach your customers in ways you may not have been able to before, with notifications, badges and banners to help connect with customers anytime and anywhere. Smartphone apps can instantly deliver coupons and announce promotions to your customers, keeping your company at your customers’ fingertips.

  1. Improve Customer Engagement

A mobile application provides a direct line between you and your customers, improving customer engagement and helping to build your brand and image. By offering your mobile app customers great offers, quality information and resources, and being available through an app to engage with customers’ needs, helps to build trust in your brand and company.

  1. Boost Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps can help to build customer loyalty in a variety of ways. Firstly, they can offer a portal for customers to collect rewards and loyalty points that provide them with special offers and discounts. Mobile apps can also be a way for a business to make a clear and genuine connection with customers that cuts through the ‘noise’ of constant advertising we often experience in our oversaturated digital world. This encourages your customers to want to do business with you and choose your products.

Mobile app development can be completed along with the professional development of your mobile website, in order for these two components of your online presence to work together and create the best online services for your customers.

Daniel Kodam
Daniel Kodam
Daniel Kodam is a website designer in the Bay Area. He has been in the IT industry for over 15 years. He is an expert at working with small/medium sized businesses to help them understand the online world and ensure their brand stands out on their website and other online portals.
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