How To Create a Business Brand That Gets Attention

How To Create a Business Brand That Gets Attention

When it comes to creating success in your business, expertly crafting a strong and identifiable brand is an important part of that process. Having a great brand makes your company instantly recognizable, builds confidence and trust for your customers, and can even support your marketing and search engine optimization efforts. There are so many brands that we all recognize instantly, whether they are big, or small and local. Size doesn’t matter so much as getting that feeling you know the company and exactly what they do well. But how do we achieve that effect for our businesses? Here we look at 5 powerful brand building steps to put your company on the map.

Define Your Brand

There’s no way you’re going to be able to build your brand if you don’t know what it is! Before you move on to online marketing and website development you need to define your brand. Business branding is all about knowing who are and what you offer that makes you special, unique and attractive to customers. Branding gives you a way to define and identify who you are as a company to both you, your employees and your customers.

This helps you attract the right clientele, as well as better direct your product development and marketing. Ask yourself a few questions about what it is that your company does best, and what you have to offer. What is your mission and what are your selling points? Springboard off your competitors by offering something complimentary or in contrast to them, in order to give yourself a clear edge.

Implement Your Structure

You want to get your business branding underway as soon as possible so you can work on web design and online marketing, so work with a professional to formulate a catchy name, a killer logo and a punchy but powerful description. These aspects of your company provide the structure to your brand, being the outward images that identify you to your customers.

These need to be professionally formulated in order to look polished and impressive, and to get your business attention.

Build A Strong Website

For any online business, and even for many brick and mortar businesses, the website is the first port of call for potential customers. This is where your customers may ‘meet’ you for the first time, and first impressions count. Work with a professional web design company for a responsive web design that grabs attention and keeps customer engaged until conversion.

Complete web development should include a fully functional website as well as Social Media sites and a blog to stay in touch with customers.

Be Accessible

Speaking of staying in touch, customers want to work with companies that are accessible and human. One example of a way to do this is ensuring your company has a mobile website as well as a desktop version, so your clients can access your website anywhere, anytime.

Stay in touch with blog and social media updates, and always get back to questions, complaints or concerns as soon as possible.

Be Consistent

If you’re all over the place with an inconsistent message on your website, social media or blog, or the branding of your business online doesn’t match your service in real life, your customers are going to have a hard time recognizing and trusting you.

Building a brand right the first time saves having to transfer over later, keeping your brand strong and your customer loyalty high.

With these tips you can build a fantastic brand for your business, one that your customers will recognize and identify anywhere, boosting company success no matter what your industry or size.

Daniel Kodam
Daniel Kodam
Daniel Kodam is a website designer in the Bay Area. He has been in the IT industry for over 15 years. He is an expert at working with small/medium sized businesses to help them understand the online world and ensure their brand stands out on their website and other online portals.
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