What is Responsive Web Design and Does My Business Need It?

What is Responsive Web Design and Does My Business Need It?

Today, people are accessing digital media from a variety of different devices in ways we could have only dreamed of 10 years ago. Whether it’s quickly searching for the address of a business on a cell phone or watching videos on a tablet, the netizens of today have gone far beyond just the desktop computer. That is why responsive web design is so crucial to the success of businesses online – it ensures that your customers can access your website when they want, where they want, and from whatever device they want.

So… What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design means that the design of your website can easily adapt to whatever device a visitor happens to be using when they access it. It means that the content, menus, pictures and other features adapt to the screen layout, so that your website visitors get the best possible user experience, without having to do a lot of scrolling, zooming or moving around the screen.

Website design that’s responsive to use across different mediums can be compared to water in different sized glasses or containers. Whatever container the water is poured into, it fills and adapts to that container, whether it’s tall and slim or short and wide. Likewise, in responsive web design, the content ‘responds’ and adapts to the device it’s viewed in, whether it’s a small cell phone, a medium tablet or a large desktop computer screen.

Do I Need Responsive Web Design?

Have you ever tried to look up a website on a phone or tablet and constantly had to zoom in and out to move around the page because the screen was too small? Or simply been unable to access certain sites from your phone or tablet? These would be examples of not having responsive web design. More than half of internet traffic is now from cell phones and smart phones, so if you don’t want to miss out on reaching more than half of your customers online, you need responsive web design.

Professional website design takes into account the fact that when visitors come to your site, it could be while using a BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, tablet, netbook, Kindle or desktop, all which have different screen sizes and resolutions. A web design professional can ensure that your website not only works on all these devices, but it also still looks just as amazing and inviting on a small screen as a larger screen.

How To Make Your Website Responsive

If you are a business that wants to reach clients online through your website, responsive web design is a must. Failing to recruit a professional web designer to implement responsive design on all pages of your website could cost you visits from potential clients, and therefore, cost your business.

Working with a professional web designer can allow you to optimize your website over a range of different metrics, including responsiveness, accessibility, value of content, SEO and ecommerce options.

Successful website design requires constant innovation and versatility in order to meet the ever-evolving standards of technology. Working with a professional to achieve responsive web design means a better experience for your website users, and outstanding results for your business as well.

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