Websites – All Shapes and Sizes

Websites – All Shapes and Sizes

Websites come in many shapes and sizes.  A person can create a one page website that looks like a flyer to a dynamic website that includes the ability to buy your product or services online.  The key to determining what is the right solution for your business is the following:

  • Brand:  What does your business stand for?  What are it’s values?  What makes it unique compared to its competitors?
  • Quality:  The quality of the site in terms of design, aesthetics, and the extent for which it is optimized for search engines.
  • Product/Service:  The product or service you sell can impact how best to represent your business online.
  • Cost:  Small businesses have much more budget restrictions than other entities.  It’s important to balance cost versus how best to maximize your marketing via your website.

In the end, do not just choose your website based on one of these items.  It’s important to balance all of the above as a quality website can increase your revenue over 100%.  Thus, do your research, hire a qualified website designer who understands your business,  and pick a design that will make your business brand shine.

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